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We are New Life.
One church, many locations.
One family, many backgrounds.
One message, many stories.
But one cross, one gospel, and one God.

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    01/31/16—Agents of Change- The Degree to Which You Value Jesus

    Today we hear a story of a woman who poured out something of worldly value because she recognized that Jesus was of ultimate value. Do we realize that what the world offers us pales in comparison to the riches found in Christ? How much do you truly value Jesus?

    • Agents of Change- Fire Walkers

      In the book of Daniel we learn about three men who found themselves in Babylon as captives of the tyrant king Nebuchadnezzar. When they resisted allowing the culture to reshape their identity or erode their convictions they were threatened with death by fire…fire that ultimately would reveal their true character. Today we learn how God gives us the grace to match the heat of the fire have to walk into.

    • Agents of Change- Do you see it?

      In Nehemiah we discover how Agents of Change gain a clear, unshakable calling from God. Before we gain this vision God must open our eyes to see it and give us the passion and to act on it. A Change Agent will need to pray first and then take action steps towards their God given vision. Do YOU see it yet?

    • Agents of Change- For such a time as this

      As we look at the book of Ester we are reminded that God often puts us in places and positions for purposes that are greater than our personal perspective can see. Prayer and fasting is a discipline that can prepare us for our next season. Before we bring about change or influence we need to start with ourselves. Let us pray ‘Lord change me so I can be a tool used in your hand.’


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    03/04/16—Mens Retreat

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