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We are New Life.
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One family, many backgrounds.
One message, many stories.
But one cross, one gospel, and one God.

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    07/17/16—James: Faith that Works #5 - Sticks and Stones

    Josiah Jobe - The third chapter of the book of James explains that there is great power in the tongue. Our words have the ability to be a blessing and can be used in negative ways- to curse. We all struggle at times with using our speech the way God intends. Today we learn important principles on faith filled speech. 07-17-16

    • James: Faith that Works #5 - Three Kinds of Faith

      Pastor Dwayne Eslick - What does it mean to have a true living faith? The book of James teaches us that faith without works is dead. This week we examine our faith to see if it is dead and useless or if it transforming our lives and the lives of those around us. 07/10/16

    • James: Faith that Works #4 - The Mercy Rule

      Eddie Morales - This week as we dive back into the book of James we take away valuable lessons about judgement, mercy and forgiveness. God views people differently than the world views people, He loves and cherishes each of us. As God dispenses love and mercy on other's, even though they may not deserve it, so should we. 07-04-16

    • James: Faith that Works #3 - From Words to Works

      Pastor Danny Lopez- In the book of James we find some amazing and important teaching about the importance of not only hearing the Word of God but also doing what it says. As we are obedient to the Word and do away with moral filth we then allow God to transform us. Today we learn how to live out our faith the way God intends. 06-26-16


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    07/08/16—Lord Have Mercy

    Praying in the midst of pain


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